Spirit Board Game

Redwerk’s Online Game for Seances

on iOS and Android makes you believe you’re using a real Spirit board

Spirit board Game
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Our team found developing a game for mobile devices an interesting experience, so we decided to try our hand in this field. We were looking for an engine that would allow us to adapt games to different mobile platforms and our choice fell on Unity 3D. To get comfortable with the technology we decided to start off with a small game. Aside from development we also did all the promotion work to grasp the whole cycle of the application delivery to the market.

Primary processes:

  • Game concept development
  • Creating art for the game
  • Programming
  • Promotion

While looking for ideas for the game we’ve made a research on mobile games market. We love a well-known Spirit board game and our research showed this niche was not too competitive in popular stores, so this idea seemed to be a smart choice. We made several prototypes, crafted an interesting gameplay and created all the art (images, music and sounds). Once the game was ready we engaged our marketing team into promotion of the app.


Our team has chosen Unity3D, a cross-platform game engine by Unity Technologies, for developing the Spirit board game. This game engine is used to develop video games for PC, mobile devices, consoles and for the web. Supported platforms are Windows, Android and iOS. Using Unity3D made it possible to create 2D applications which would run on both Android (version 2.3.1 and up) and iOS.

During the development of the server-side application we decided to use an open source library. We revealed a major bug in it while incorporating it into our project, so we fixed the bug and contributed the code to their repository.

We used a Continuous integration workflow combined with the best practices of Scrum and Agile. At the end of every iteration we had a demo build playtested by everyone in the office. People provided us with feedback and ideas and soon enough we’ve found the best gameplay mechanics.

The site was created using the most advanced responsive front-end framework—Zurb Foundation. Our engineers managed to create a simple UI/UX for the mobile app, and all the screens were designed by us. In designing the website we aimed for the goal of high search engine saturation and at the same time not pushing SEO content too far. As a result we’ve achieved the first SERP position when searching for “Spirit board ios” and the third position for “Spirit board android”. The most important part of it is the fact that we did not spend a dime on promotion by third parties.

Also we have developed all the audio tracks for Spirit board game.

We’ve prepared for the publication in advance, we’ve thought through materials for announcements and advertising and had them ready, we’ve developed ad strategy for social networks. Everyone interested in spreading the word about our game could get a special package with promotion materials from us.

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The result of our work is a mobile application supporting iOS and Android platforms and available in AppStore and Google Play. Spirit board resembles the board game. Convenient user interface allows displaying all the answers on the screen instead of making the user wait for them to appear letter by letter. The huge advantage of the game is its music that makes it easy to get emerged in the mythical experience. The appszoom.com website gives Spirit board Game the rating of 7 out of 10. After getting familiar with Apple’s manner of taking a week to check an app we began to plan our releases with that time in mind to make sure all the versions on different platforms would be available on the same day.

Eventually, we have discontinued the mobile development of this game and migrated everything to the web platform in 2017. So currently you can try out the web version here:

Spirit board app / Software development company Redwerk
Very nice looking game! Background music is also good, a real stress-reliever. Plus, it can really hold a conversation (well, at least to some extent). Good game!

Konstantin Alekseev, Satisfied customer

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Interesting Fact

Redwerk developers often use Spirit board when they feel lonely since anyone can ask the Spirit board about anything and get exactly the answer they’re looking for.

Redwerk developer's comment

Software Developer

Our main objective for the Spirit board project was to develop a game like nothing else on the market. People can not only ask questions and get answers, but even have meaningful conversations with the program. This was our first Unity project, and we’re looking forward to putting our experience to use with future endeavors.

Board game software development case study - Unity development by Redwerk
Board game Unity development case study - web and mobile app by Redwerk


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